CTF Guide for new players

First of all: What is a CTF?

CTF stands for 'Capture The Flag', where the Flag is a word or code you have to find by solving specific challenges

These challenges are listed in the 'challenges' tab on the top navigation bar

We have a few categories of challenges, each containing multiple challenges. Some are available right away, others will only become visible once others have been solved.

Each challenge has a points value. The goal is to solve as many challenges as you can to accumulate these points. Some challenges are easy, so they have a low points value, others are harder and have a higher points value.

To prevent guessing you can only have 3 tries to enter the flag, so be sure you have it correctly when entering.

What skills do I need to solve these challenges?

While most CTF games are focussed on cyber security, brixel CTF is a mix of skills ranging from security to programming, general knowledge and some really weird stuff :-D

Therefore we recommend that you play with a team, so you can combine your skills with those of your teammates.


You can spend some of your points on buying hints, these will help you find what you need

Because you took the time to read this, we will give you 10 points to spend on hints.

Enter 'freepoints' without the quotes in the readme challenge to claim them. Spend them well.